About Us

About US

At Interpack, whether it’s wine, beer, cider, or any variety of food or beverage from olive oils to vinegars or more, it all starts with what’s inside the pack.

It’s taken a lot of hard work to perfect your product.  But it can be tough to guarantee that perfection arrives unchanged into the hands of your final customer.

Sometimes, the same climates and distances that help us create such fantastic foods & beverages here in Australia, can also challenge then in the final delivery.

That’s why we structure our business around the needs of your product:

  • We’re convenient
    Our diverse packaging range includes bottle tops & closures such as crown seals, caps and screw caps, as well as metal can and tin printing & production.  So whatever you can imagine for your product, we can create it, right here, often within the month
  • We’re flexible
    We operate wholly from our centrally-located Australian base with advanced technology systems designed to make sure that those unavoidable last-minute alterations are easily achieved.  We approach food packaging with the agile, can-do attitude of a food & beverage producer, maximising nature’s bounty for all to enjoy
  • We’re reliable
    For us it’s a matter of pride to deliver consistently and provide stress-free service in food management.  Our established team will be your partners in logistics, supporting your business quickly and without worry, and with guaranteed real-time monitoring and adjustments
  • We’re fast
    Where offshore packaging options can take up to sixteen weeks, we can usually produce what you’ve got in mind in about a month
  • We’re about quality
    We embrace high-speed, high-accuracy, cutting-edge technology, from design & pre-press to manufacture and delivery.  We adhere to the highest known food safety & hygiene and quality standards
  • We’re competitive
    We’ve structured our systems and technology to allow us to offer the benefits required by both small boutique and high volume customers, with costs and service to match these needs
  • We’re local
    All our manufacturing is done right here, in Deer Park, Victoria.  You’re welcome to tour our facility – email us – and see how we do things.  We also work wherever possible with our carefully-curated list of quality Australian-made materials, including steel, aluminium, liners, inks and coatings.  This means we know exactly what’s going into our packaging products, we’re working with you to support Australian business and industries, and we’re also in-step to be totally ready for that next short-term packaging assignment
  • We’re personal
    Every product is different.  Every customer has different needs.  When you Interpack your products, you’ll have one key contact at Interpack, available 24-7, to help customise your products to your exact requirements. We invest our time in understanding your business, so that we can serve your brands better.

INTERPACK:  It all starts with what’s inside.

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Get in touch to tell us more about your brand and find out how we can Interpack your wine, beer, beverages, and foods with our range of bottle screw cap, wine closure, crown seal, and metal tin printing solutions. Email uscontact us via this website, or talk to us today on (61) 383 584 444.

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