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    Advanced Manufacturing Technology

    we're always innovating new processes and products

    Advanced Packaging Technology for Screw Cap Manufacturing and Beer Crowns.

    Manufacturing packaging is a fast-evolving space, and we’re always on the move, staying at the forefront of food & beverage technologies with our advanced screw cap manufacturing.

    Interpack’s leading-edge packaging infrastructure means your products move faster, more conveniently, in greater volumes and consistently in better condition than ever before.

    Because it’s all about what’s inside.

    CTP & Apps
    Computer-To-Plate (CTP) technology enables 3D modelling for every job.  Download our simple and speedy design review apps for Phones, iPads, Windows, Macs and Android devices to access your new draft packaging solution on the go. Collaborating on packaging design has never been easier.

    Be the first to leverage a unique new Interpack innovation to differentiate your brand.  Our latest developments include:

      • Our custom shaved-foil effect for wine closure side wall enhancement – only available at Interpack
      • Our Capmatrix® packaging system which packs orders of the wine closure vertically – safer for product and 30% more space-efficient.

    In-line Monitoring
    Want to be sure every pack matches your approved prototype?  Our full-colour six-camera vision checking systems closely monitor for even the smallest end-product defect in real-time.  And every job starts with fresh plates – an extra guarantee of flawless production.

    Integrated Design Solutions
    Interpack’s in-house design department can help you get the most out of our production facilities.  Bring your brand collateral to us, or connect us with your graphics & design suppliers, to develop the most effective and efficient solutions for your products.

    Interpack – Closures of Excellence since 1979. 

    Tell us more about your brand and find out how we can help your wine, beer, beverage and food product packaging perform better. Our range of bottle screw cap, wine closures, crown seals, and metal tin printing solutions are world-class. 

    Email uscontact us via this website, or talk to us today on (61) 383 584 444.