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    A Sustainable Future

    The largest solar array and a facility that is state of the art, for all our futures

    Sustainable Packaging Solutions Start With What’s Inside

    Our sustainability practices start well before the packing and extend well beyond the life of the quality food & beverages once contained inside our packages.

    They’re about clever solutions that start by focusing on the product and its inherent packaging needs.  They work to protect product & maximise shelf life, minimise waste, and inspire consumers to reach out for quality products that will be enjoyed to the end, before being re-purchased again and again.

    • Pre-Production
      Interpack’s Design Team will work with you and your team to create packaging solutions that maximise your return on investment.  We know our equipment, and can help you find the greatest efficiencies for your product.  When we’re ready to go, proof final design work in 3D and even see how your food or beverage product will look on supermarket shelves under different lighting conditions – before production begins.  Trial and error is a thing of the past.
    • The Production Line
      Our wine, screw and crown cap products are cut from sheets of aluminium or tin, ensuring as little as possible is wasted.  Offcuts of this valuable material are collected and stockpiled for recycling.
    • We keep Quality Control high with constant, real-time monitoring using our six-camera, five-checkpoint quality assurance system – so variations are caught before they’re an issue, and wastage of packaging and product are minimised.
    • Transportation
      We’re constantly refining our logistics systems.  Recently, for example, we introduced our unique Capmatrix® packaging system.  This reduces damage to wine caps whilst also allowing us to ship 30% more in each box, doubling savings opportunities back to our customers.
    • End of Life
      We embrace materials re-use wherever possible.  All Interpack steel food cans and aluminium caps and closures are fully recyclable.
    • Got an Idea Worth Recycling?
      We take our responsibilities to the environment seriously and would love to hear it.  Sustainability is a fast-evolving world of opportunity we all own a part in, and we love talking about new ideas for conservation, recycling, and waste management.

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