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    Metal Can Printing

    Metal Printing Technology:  The Focus Is On What’s Inside

    Packaging your product in steel is a conscious investment in quality.

    Steel cans protect dry and powdered goods such as pharmaceutical products, food, and milk powder including infant formula, coffee and tea. Metal Cans prolong the life of the food stored within them and are tamper-evident for maximum protection, and offer consumer convenience options with aluminium ring-pull lids. Cans are robust and convenient for accessing, storing, protecting and transporting food.

    Product Package Printing

    Direct Metal Printing for Tins and Cans

    How can your metal can packaging best convey the quality of what’s inside?

    Choosing Interpack direct metal can printing directly is a lasting, highly visual alternative to attaching paper or plastic labels onto your cans:

    • Reduced Materials & Handling
      Ink is applied directly to the surface of the metal can, eliminating the need for a paper or plastic label
    • Robust & Durable Labelling for Large Items
      We can accommodate cans up to 4000g
    • Accurate Pre-Press & Prototype Support
      We offer pre-press design assistance to large and small-volume customers. In addition, we have the capability for advanced 3D modelling for customer presentations. See what the printing on your can will like before you order
    • Unique Designs
      Customers can select up to 12 colours when printing and various decorative print options for maximum visual impact
    • Maximum Food Safety Quality Confidence
      Interpack produces pristine packaging to keep food in exceptional condition, all here in Australia where the production is completely transparent to you.  We are highly trained in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), an internationally recognised method of identifying and managing risk. Our facility is also in the process of acquiring Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000, the highest international standard in food and packaging safety. To find out more, view the Safe page
    • Expanding Export Opportunities
      China and other Asian countries are a nearby, growing, and lucrative export market for many Australian food and beverage products. Producers need pristine packaging to keep these premium foods in exceptional condition.  Interpack has long experience in production for exacting products including milk powders, infant formula, processed foods, condiments and snack products that are destined for export to Asia.

    Interpack – Closures of Excellence since 1979.

    Tell us more about your brand and find out how we can help your wine, beer, beverage and food product packaging perform better. Our range of bottle screw cap, wine closures, crown seals, and metal tin printing solutions are world-class.

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