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    Metal Can Printing

    Superb Printing for Food Packaging

    Interpack performs food packaging printing for a broad range of customers in the food industry.

    We undertake can printing for infant formula, cooking oil and other food companies. This process involves directly printing on the metal surface of the can, which has many benefits for our customers:

    • Labels that have been printed directly onto the metal surface cannot be removed, which improves safety as labels cannot be switched around either in error or on purpose.
    • Printing directly onto cans eliminates the requirement for paper labels, which saves costs and ultimately trees.
    • Paper labels can be ripped, fall off or experience water damage. Printing directly onto food packaging ensures the labels will never be removed and are unlikely to be damaged as any text would have to be scratched off the can. This increases safety as customers will always be able to access allergen information from these products.

    High Safety Standards for Food Packaging Printing

    We are highly qualified in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), an internationally recognised method of identifying and managing risk. We look at the biological, chemical, and physical hazards in our processes that may result in our finished product being unsafe. We then devise new processes to reduce these risks to a safe level. HACCP is crucial for can printing for infant formula products as the milk powder will come into contact with the surface of the cans.

    Interpack goes further than legally required to ensure high safety standards for our food packaging printing services. We certified to Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000, the highest international standard in food and packaging safety. For more on FSSC 22000, visit the Safe page.

    Our Designers Guide Printing for Food Packaging

    Interpack’s graphic designers meet with all customers to check whether their designs are appropriate for our food packaging printing service and make appropriate changes or a full redesign to ensure suitability.

    Having on-site graphic designers also guarantees that all design files will be in the correct format and resolution.

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