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    Wine Screw Cap

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    Screw Cap Technology:  It All Revolves Around What’s Inside

    The secret is out:  our screw cap bottle technology has become the modern guardian of fine wine.

    Australian & NZ wine producers were amongst the first in the world to discover the benefits of putting their excellent products under a screw cap, breaking with hundreds of years of proud winemaking tradition.  The technology has now been adopted by more and more producers around the world.

    Why has this method finally put a cork in the much beloved cork?

    Because screw caps, beloved by winemaker and connoisseur alike, are all about what’s in the bottle.

    Australian & New Zealand wine producers invest heavily to produce so many of the world’s favourite wines.  And when those perfect wines leave their wineries, they travel long distances to represent their brands in the far corners of the world.

    These are strenuous, testing conditions, where packaging takes responsibility for ensuring that subtle beauties, in a demanding product category, arrive to discerning consumers unchanged.

    And across thousands of bottles, screw caps have consistently delivered:

    • Superior preservation of aromas, flavours and freshness
    • Consumer convenience in handling & re-sealing
    • Greater consistency from one bottle to another
    • The elimination of cork taint
    • Reduced stock loss through wine spoilage.

    The well-tested, faultless service of the screw cap in protecting great wines is also equally beneficial for ensuring other bottled liquids, including beverages & drinks, olive oils & vinegars, and other foodstuffs all travel to the consumer in equal style.

    But what makes the Interpack screw cap work so well for your wine, beverage, or bottled food products?

    The Screw Cap Production Process

    Our screw cap consists of several components:

    • Aluminium alloy cap and adjoining sleeve presents your brand for maximum shelf appeal
    • Expanded polyethylene wadding liner,  typically with a foil layer to prevent gas exchange
    • Polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) film covers the foil. Its low permeability to water vapour and gases makes it ideal for food and beverage packaging. This film, also known as Saran, is the only material actually in contact with the bottle’s contents.

    And despite its name, when you bottle your product, the screw cap is not screwed on at all. The fitting of the wine cap sees it held down tight over the end of the bottle, as rollers mould the sleeve to fit over the ridges of the bottle neck.  A series of small metal bridges joins cap to sleeve. These bridges are broken on opening, so that screw caps are also known as ROTEs (roll-on tamper evident). Consumers love that the screw cap can also be screwed back on to protect the wine for consumption at a later date.

    Interpack manufactures screw cap orders using state-of-the-art technology at our Melbourne facility, packed into our unique Capmatrix® packing system for maximum product quality and shipping efficiency.

    Our range of stock & custom screw cap solutions includes many printing, embossing and foiling options available only at Interpack, and they can be delivered in as little as six weeks.

    Interpack – Closures of Excellence since 1979. 

    Tell us more about your brand and find out how we can help your wine, beer, beverage and food product packaging perform better. Our range of bottle screw cap, wine closures, crown seals, and metal tin printing solutions are world-class. 

    Email uscontact us via this website, or talk to us today on (61) 383 584 444.