Screw Cap Foiling

Hot Foiling for Wine Closures

Interpack now offers a technique known as ‘hot foiling’ for eye-catching decorations on wine closures. This decorative method was originally used on spirit bottles and enabled the foil on the label to match the foil on the bottle cap for branding consistency. The wine industry has now adopted the trend.

Hot Foiling

Hot Foiling

The hot-foiling equipment heats up a plate to temperatures of up to 200ºC. The ‘negative’ plate is bolted to the hot plate of the equipment. The negative plate has been etched from a negative of the required logo or design. The metal surface of the wine closure is then aligned to match. A roll of foil is sandwiched between the closure and the plate, and pressure is applied in order for the equipment to ‘release’ the foil from the roll. The hot foil then hits the wine closure on all areas that the design on the plate has touched.

Hot foiling is a benefit to wineries because it enables the printing of glossy gold or silver on bottle tops – whereas these colours dry to a matte-effect when printed with ink. One downside when using this technique is that colours can only be printed one at a time.

Interpack is able to provide customers with hot-foil printing in all colours, including pantone colours which can be matched.

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