Screw Cap Printing

Printing as Perfect as What’s Inside

On shelf, colour can be everything.  We ensure consistent, premium packaging presentation for your brand, with computer-to-plate services that deliver silk-screened colour, matched true, to market.  Your bottle screw caps and closures will be on-brand, every time.

Top & Sideoffset printing

Top & Side Offset Printing

We offer both top and side printing (on the sleeve of the bottle closure) making branding from every angle.

How Do We Do It?

No compromises.  We start by ensuring you’re delighted with every aspect of your design, as you sign off on its details using our custom 3D online design approval apps, and all colours are matched to market.  Then we make our own new plates, for each and every job, before production is commissioned at our Deer Park VIC facility.

In production, a mesh is used to transfer ink onto the screw cap, except on blocked areas. A blade moves across the screen to fill open apertures of the mesh with ink, and a reverse stroke then causes the screen to touch the bottle cap briefly along a line of contact. The ink wets the cap and is pulled out of the mesh apertures as the screen springs back after the blade moves past. Our high speed process, and constant in-line quality monitoring, mean zero defects make it through to hold up your packaging process.

Crisp, eye-catching colour meets first-class closure engineering, ensuring your product arrives to market bright & fresh, inside & out.

INTERPACK:  It all starts with what’s inside.

Tell us more about your brand and find out how we can Interpack your wine, beer, beverages, and foods with our range of bottle screw cap, wine closure, crown seal, and metal tin printing solutions. Email us, contact us via this website, or talk to us today on (61) 383 584 444.

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